Andrea Lia and ALCUSTOM

The story of the fisherman ALCUSTOM born in 1991: Andrea Lia graduated in engineering in 1991 with a thesis on carbon fibre which obtained maximum marks. In 1997 he broke two European fishing records and won the IGFA Annual Fishing International Contest. In 2000 he opened a fishing centre in Porto Cervo, and became the first professional charter captain to operate in the “Costa Smeralda”. As a journalist and one of the best-qualified captains in Europe, Andrea Lia is editor of major fishing magazines and TV channels in Italy, France and Spain. In 2004 he decided to combine the profession of engineering with his twenty years’ experience at sea. Thus the ALCUSTOM challenge was born: to produce the best open sport fisherman boats ever made. The project was entrusted to American naval architect Lou Codega, who already worked at the project of the Destriero, the motor boat which holds the Blue Ribbon, world record for Atlantic crossings, and the most widely-respected fisherman boats in the States. Continuing on his determined path, Andrea Lia acquired a part of Tecnoresine, indisputable leader in high-performance boat building with eleven world titles in the last 15 years in sailing class J/24. Combining forces and experience, new workshop facilities was built and new technology installed. Designing continues apace, always looking to the future. Meanwhile, at sea, from Liguria to Sardinia, Calabria to the mouth of the Po, ALCUSTOM boats are repeatedly showing their power, inexorably leaving their competitors behind, in full view of all, when the going gets tough, in tournaments. This was only the beginning, just one part of what lies behind. In front there’s a brand. To dream of.