A bonito attacked a lure rigged with single hook

It is some years now that fishermen debate whether it is better to rig a lure with single or treble hooks, a diatribe that apparently has not yet been appeased.
It seems that we have come to a certainty: the evidence that a single hook will damage the fish less than a treble. Even a child can understand why.
We do not completely agree on the effectiveness in hookset and in fighting the fish.
Interested or not, I’ll tell you what: first of all I think that the big difference is the fish. I doubt it will make any difference for a grouper, which notoriously has a mouth like a bucket, if the hook is just one or triple. He will just swallow it and that’s it.
And for a bluefish? For a sea bass?
I would say that for some fish the single hook it’s the excellent choice, as for others the treble hook is more reliable. The treble probably guarantees a more steady hookset while the single hook should improve the chances of success in the fight.And that’s all: but I’m ready to say the opposite next week..

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